Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Band Saw Blues

The new band saw has been a nightmare. It would take volumes to relate all the things I have gone through in the last week to TRY to get it running properly. Lets just say that sparks and flying blades and band saw tires are NOT supposed to happen. But they did, usually all at once.

I had to walk away from it several times to keep from screaming. But taking five every now and then paid off as I finally figured out what the HELL was wrong with it. It seems the extension kit on the neck must have shifted when we moved it and the whole thing was so out of alignment that it could not possibly work.

It took a lot of tweaking and testing but I actually have it running top notch now. Of course I have to replace the blade and the bearings and the tires. Once I do that it will be a BRAND NEW saw!

The computer repair business threw me a new curve today. I got a client computer that just needed a "small" tune up. Well I spent a couple of hours cleaning it up all the while fighting video problems. When I finally gave up and decided to replace the video card, I open the computer and what do I find? FIVE BLOWN CAPS on the motherboard! .

How in the hell is this thing still working at all??? To top it off I find out the fan in the power supply is not running. This is truly a MIRACLE computer. My advice to the client?

Oh and to top it all off I am STILL painting.
It's mostly fresh paint now and not "repainting" although there is one wall I want to change the colour of already. I am REALLY sick of painting.

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