Monday, January 19, 2009

New Tech Toy is a HIT!

Logitech Harmony 880

Well I knew I couldn't go on forever without buying some new tech toy. Dell had a one day sale on the Logitech Harmony 880 remote control and at $99.00 I had to take the plunge. The spouse has constantly complained ever since I bought the Harmon Kardon AVR-245 receiver and we have had to have as many as 5 separate remotes on the go. When I tried to explain the Logitech would give us one button control I got the typical "uh huh" response. Frankly I was a little skeptical myself. But today I spent a couple of hours programming it (TV, AVR, DVD Player, CD Player, Tape Deck, VCR, Sony Playstation 2, AND the Media Centre computer) and all I can say is BUY ONE OF THESE BABIES!!!

The programming was easy as entering the components and their model numbers. The software walked me through anything I didn't understand, which wasn't much as it's pretty straight forward. There are lots of advanced programming features which I haven't even explored yet. When it was all done it was absolutely amazing to see things turn off and on with ONE BUTTON COMMAND! The spouse is ecstatic. It works just like I promised (thank heavens!). I may be redeemed for all my crazy tool expenditures now. (I hope.) Yes this tech tool definitely gets 5 STARS! Thanks Logitech!

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