Friday, January 9, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR - Better Late Then Never

The decorations are put away, the festivities are over and it's back to work for another year. YAY! I had a fabulous Holiday Season but I am always glad to get back to normal - whatever THAT is.

This was a completely untech Xmas for me. I got nothing computer or technology related. I did get a new Ridgid TS3660 table saw, and a new Ridgid Oscillating Spindle/Belt Sander that I am REALLY pleased with. I also got the complete Oak Park Router Workshop Table system, but that won't be delivered till mid January. My workshop has come a long way. Now I just need to BUILD something significant. I try to get out there but something always seems to get in the way. Hopefully I'll have some free time next week. I think I said that last week.

There was nothing technology related I wanted for Xmas. However, I have found myself perusing the new mini notebooks lately. The ASUS Aspire One's and the Dell mini's. I do NOT need one of these things but I just think I would like to have one. My preference would be one that can run XP and had something other then a 4 GB SSD. It starts by me looking at the sub $400.00 ones, but by the time I configure what I really want I am looking at $800.00. Seems silly to spend THAT kind of money on something so small.

I am also somewhat interested in the new AMD Dragon Platform. I would just like to build one as a comparison to an Intel machine for gaming. I haven't really read any reviews about it yet, but have heard the less then stellar comments. I KNOW that all these Intel fanbois were once AMD die hards. They just won't give it a chance. Of course I would have to build a Core i7/X58 system to compare it to. It never ends.

But building or buying any computer is just a dream for now until some of the Xmas bills get paid. Which means I'll be working overtime for the next while. I guess the workshop will have to wait a little longer.

That lottery I am destined to win this year better hurry.

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