Thursday, January 29, 2009

O' Canada Where Art Thou?

The latest news is a story out of New Brunswick where an elementary school principal has removed the singing of O Canada from the daily curriculum in order to accommodate some students who's parents feel they shouldn't have to sing the national anthem for whatever ridiculous reason. Removing the Lord's Prayer from daily school ritual is fine as religion is broad based and no one should be forced to practice a religion they are not part of. But last time I looked, this was still CANADA, a single country with many ethnicity's that we have made generous concessions for including welcoming them to LIVE here. I have NO prejudice toward ANY foreigner who makes that choice. BUT now they want to refuse to pay homage to that generosity by not acknowledging that we are in fact CANADIANS living in CANADA with ONE NATIONAL ANTHEM that can not be bastardized to accommodate every multinational that chooses to make CANADA their home because we were kind enough as a NATION to allow them that.
If I were a parent of a student of that school I would remove my child from it for NOT acknowledging that my child is in fact CANADIAN and is entitled to sing the NATIONAL ANTHEM to show thanks for the magnificent country we live in and the multitudes of freedoms we are allowed, including it seems, the freedom to SHIT on the very country we call HOME.
I strongly encourage everyone I know to call or write to your Member of Parliament and DEMAND that this wrong be righted. Mounties wearing turbans was ridiculous. But THIS aberration is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE !


Monday, January 19, 2009

New Tech Toy is a HIT!

Logitech Harmony 880

Well I knew I couldn't go on forever without buying some new tech toy. Dell had a one day sale on the Logitech Harmony 880 remote control and at $99.00 I had to take the plunge. The spouse has constantly complained ever since I bought the Harmon Kardon AVR-245 receiver and we have had to have as many as 5 separate remotes on the go. When I tried to explain the Logitech would give us one button control I got the typical "uh huh" response. Frankly I was a little skeptical myself. But today I spent a couple of hours programming it (TV, AVR, DVD Player, CD Player, Tape Deck, VCR, Sony Playstation 2, AND the Media Centre computer) and all I can say is BUY ONE OF THESE BABIES!!!

The programming was easy as entering the components and their model numbers. The software walked me through anything I didn't understand, which wasn't much as it's pretty straight forward. There are lots of advanced programming features which I haven't even explored yet. When it was all done it was absolutely amazing to see things turn off and on with ONE BUTTON COMMAND! The spouse is ecstatic. It works just like I promised (thank heavens!). I may be redeemed for all my crazy tool expenditures now. (I hope.) Yes this tech tool definitely gets 5 STARS! Thanks Logitech!

Friday, January 9, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR - Better Late Then Never

The decorations are put away, the festivities are over and it's back to work for another year. YAY! I had a fabulous Holiday Season but I am always glad to get back to normal - whatever THAT is.

This was a completely untech Xmas for me. I got nothing computer or technology related. I did get a new Ridgid TS3660 table saw, and a new Ridgid Oscillating Spindle/Belt Sander that I am REALLY pleased with. I also got the complete Oak Park Router Workshop Table system, but that won't be delivered till mid January. My workshop has come a long way. Now I just need to BUILD something significant. I try to get out there but something always seems to get in the way. Hopefully I'll have some free time next week. I think I said that last week.

There was nothing technology related I wanted for Xmas. However, I have found myself perusing the new mini notebooks lately. The ASUS Aspire One's and the Dell mini's. I do NOT need one of these things but I just think I would like to have one. My preference would be one that can run XP and had something other then a 4 GB SSD. It starts by me looking at the sub $400.00 ones, but by the time I configure what I really want I am looking at $800.00. Seems silly to spend THAT kind of money on something so small.

I am also somewhat interested in the new AMD Dragon Platform. I would just like to build one as a comparison to an Intel machine for gaming. I haven't really read any reviews about it yet, but have heard the less then stellar comments. I KNOW that all these Intel fanbois were once AMD die hards. They just won't give it a chance. Of course I would have to build a Core i7/X58 system to compare it to. It never ends.

But building or buying any computer is just a dream for now until some of the Xmas bills get paid. Which means I'll be working overtime for the next while. I guess the workshop will have to wait a little longer.

That lottery I am destined to win this year better hurry.