Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Can!

Congratulations to the USA for electing President Barack Obama! What a fantastic day in history it is indeed. To bad Bush left him such a incredible mess to clean up. Let's hope the US can pull together like they have demonstrated they CAN in this election, and clean up the disaster.

I attended the Intel Channel Conference in Toronto on Tuesday of this week, and while I always look at this little segway as a mini holiday, I was certainly unimpressed with Intel's offerings. One would have expected them to be all hyped about Core i7 and the new X58 platform but they glanced over it like it was old news even though the processor isn't being released until mid month. It seems they are trying to keep the Xeon and older Intel chip sets alive a little longer. Hmmmm... are they lacking some confidence in i7? They are also pushing the ATOM processor and miniITX boards. WHY??? I left with more questions then answers.

I discovered a new DVD rental service called It's basically a DVD-by-mail rental system. I have a 4 week free trial coutersy of Telus Perks. If it goes well, it is a great offering. They claim to have over 72000 titles available. They offer everyone a 2 week free trial. I have already received my first DVD - Man On Fire. I'll post more on this as I go along.

I also got the Merc Stealth gaming keyboard this week. Going to give it a whirl tonight. So far I am REALLY liking it. I just need to get the whole profile set up sorted out. I'll give an update on this later on as well.

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