Thursday, November 20, 2008

Workshop 101

I got a few more details about the new business sorted out today. I am now officially registered with the government aka TAXMAN. Everything is pretty much in place, except for the website, suppliers, inventory, bookkeeping and a few other minor details. Good thing I don't officially open till next year!

The garage has been my focus this week. I have quite an ensemble of tools and I am trying to set up a space where I can actually USE them. Perhaps I have too many for a garage. However I have been making very good progress out there. One day I will actually BUILD something.

I finally got all the parts for my little test bed computer, and I now have to admit complete defeat and say that the HD 4870 video card I have been hanging on to in hopes of a miracle is absolutely and officially DEAD. It is now in the trash.

The E6700 processor I bought on Kijiji along with my ASUS Maximus board is also a dud. Fortunately it is still under warranty from Intel and I may get it replaced. If that happens the deal will have been worthwhile, although I have NO complaints about the motherboard.

Tomorrow it's back to my REAL job for a couple of days. Someone has to pay for all the toys I keep buying.

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