Thursday, November 27, 2008

Woodworking for Novices

Ahhhh the smell of fresh cut wood, the rattle and buzz of a table saw, the mounds of sawdust under the router. These are the joys of woodworking. Unfortunately in my garage there is the smell of burning wood, the rattle of loose blades, and the ends of broken bits among the sawdust. But I am really enjoying it.

I fixed a drawer in one of our "antiques" today. It required a trip to the hardware store for wood and numerous power tools to cut rout and dado the panel. The best part was it actually fit when it was done and all the parts mated perfectly. HAH! I can do it. Even the spouse was impressed. I did however break a router bit in the process, but I figured out what I was doing wrong to cause that. So the lesson was learned.

I joined the Router Workshop forum hoping to get some help and tips there. Just browsing some of the posts I learned a lot. The biggest lesson was RTFM!!! A couple of posts lead me to realize some capabilities of my router that I hadn't noticed. It's amazing what you can learn from actually LOOKING at your router and reading the manual. Suddenly it a whole new tool!

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