Monday, November 17, 2008

i7/x58 IS OUT!

It's official the Intel Core i7 and X58 Motherboards have hit the shelves and all the early adopters are buzzing loudly and scrambling to build the new "biggest e-peen" rigs. The i7 comes in 3 flavours, the basic 920 at 2.66GHz, the mid range 940 at 2.94 GHz and the extreme 965 at 3.2 GHz. Gone is the old Front Side Bus (FSB) and in it's place is the new Quick Path Interconnect (QPI). If you want all the nitty gritty on this new architecture check out this WIKI page.

There have already been numerous tests and benchmarks done but now that it's finally in the wild we'll get to see the true performance of this much hailed processor. The motherboard vendors have all jumped in the ring as the X58 chip sets support BOTH nVidia's SLI and ATI's CrossfireX technologies.

I myself will wait till sometime next year after all the bugs have been ironed out before I consider jumping on this bandwagon. And it's not an inexpensive venture either. X58 only supports DDR3 memory and this time it's TRIPLE channel memory. But it will be fun to watch all the boys revving their new engines in the forums.

I finally got caught up on all the computer repairs I had last week. It was quite busy around here. This week I have a little remodeling project in the garage to take of. I also have to give the spouse's computer a little tune up. And I am still trying to get that dead VisionTek HD 4870 to work. Yes I am flogging a dead horse, but I am trying to get my 300.00 worth out of it SOMEHOW.

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