Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Business of Business

Looks like I got caught up in the plan to market thermal pads. I have made some contacts, got quotes for materials, registered a domain, applied for a business licence, vendors permit, tax exemption, etc etc. The only thing left to do is sort out the import and export end of things. That is one pile of red tape I am not looking forward to dealing with.

I don't plan on officially launching the business until the new year. It will be web based for the thermal merchandise, but I might as well umbrella all my computer activities under one moniker. Besides, if I have legal on paper business maybe folks will be more willing to pay for my services. I really am tired of freebies.

I am already looking into product expansion. There really are a lot of thermal products that computer modders could easily use. They just aren't readily available. I am hoping to change that.

The other snag is trying to do business with North American companies. The big guys just don't want to deal with the little guys like me. They want to sell you 1000 products but you only need 10. Sadly Asia is much more willing to help the small business owner, and much more cost effective. I really want to buy North American, but they are making it very difficult. Hopefully if things go well that will change.

I am getting a hard fast course in thermal dynamics. It's a complicated science. We are never too old to learn right? NOT!

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