Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vista, Bad Vista

Today was a heart attack waiting to happen. I was trying to fix a client's computer and hooked the drive up to my computer to try to recover the data. I had to change permissions on the drive to access it and that's when Vista lost it's mind. It copied all my files and documents to the client drive and basically totally messed things up. It took a couple of hours and a couple of system restores to get everything back to normal. I can only HOPE I got all my information off the client's drive. I may have to check that out one more time.

So on that note I just discovered a use for the spouse's old computer. It will now become the computer I use to fix other people's stuff. I was almost sure I was going to have to reformat my ASUS gaming system after that meltdown today. OMFG I do NOT want to have to go through THAT!

Other then that I got nothing accomplished today. I have to work tomorrow and then the weekend is all booked up with a wood show and my "surprise" birthday party. Looks like I won't get to fixing the video card till late next week sometime as I am working Monday through Wednesday as well.

Working through the week is a good excuse to use my evenings for gaming:)

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