Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy? Thanksgiving

So I am still plagued by video problems. I can play if I either run the game in a window or turn off CrossFire. Either of those conditions and the games run fine. If I try to play in full screen mode I get artifacts, but I CAN play in full screen mode with Crossfire turned off and the effects on normal. Basically I am NOT winning this video card war.

I still haven't got around to fixing the mod on the second card yet. Sometime next week I imagine I will have some time. Mostly I have been very busy celebrating my birthday and I am way too old for all that celebration is what I am finding out. Time to just chill a bit.

I got my Creative Zen MP3 player from Newegg and it's pretty cool. I have ordered some SD cards so I can load up movies to watch - well wherever I want. I also got some other ear buds as I have very tiny ear canals and can't wear most ear buds. These ones are by Phillips and actually go right inside the ear. Much better for me.

I also ordered another Seagate 500GB 7200.11 hard drive because NCIX had them on sale for a ridiculously low price of 56.00. It's hard to justify NOT having a good backup drive at that price. The spouse wouldn't agree. I can only hope the Purolator guy comes when I am home alone.

Today I was busy cooking cabbage rolls for tomorrow, we are having Thanksgiving at the "mother-in-law's" house tomorrow. I get along alright with MOST of my in-laws. I just don't usually stay long.

I have been playing Frontlines: Fuel of War and it's alright. It's just tough in windowed mode because it keeps switching out of the game on me even with the game button on the G15 enabled. I don't get it. So I do a LOT of dying. Gears of War is getting some game time as well. Really great graphics in that game.

So even though it's been a while between posts, nothing much is happening. Just the usual video headaches, and then Vista would not boot today, it just kept restarting. Some driver problems - go figure. I finally got that sorted out.

FarCry 2 comes out October 22 and of course I have already pre-purchased my copy on Steam. Hopefully I will get FFOW finished by then. Maybe even GoW too. Oh wait - the "TO-DO" list is still looming somewhere.

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