Sunday, October 5, 2008

Growing Pains

My birthday is coming up soon and there have been some time honoured celebrations. Unfortunately I am NOT as young as I used to be and these have taken their toll on me. I am looking forward to going to work this week for a rest. Needless to say I have seen very little of my computer the last few days. I tried playing some games tonight, but I am actually getting motion sickness. UGH!

But I did get a nice surprise from Newegg. It seems they are sending me a free Creative Zen 2 GB MP3/MP4 player for being one of the first beta users of their new Canadian site. SWEET! I have never really been interested in a MP3 player, but if it's free what the heck! It looks like a reasonably decent one too. Might be useful for entertainment at work.

Speaking of which I am working 3 days this week so I probably won't fix my video card till next week. There are more birthday events planned and Thanksgiving is coming up so it will be a busy week for me. But right now all I need is a good night's sleep!

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