Thursday, October 30, 2008

Computer Completions

Today I put my computer back together hopefully for the last time for a while. I took out a couple of the fans now that I only have one video card. I moved the Antec Spot Cooling fan into the spouse's computer to help cool the MCP. It did drop it about 5C so that's better then nothing. Then I swapped out the Logisys Blue LED for two of the Logisys UV LED's, and put the blue LED in the spouse's case as well. So now we have different colour schemes. The only problem is the UV LED's are not very bright even though I have 3 of them in my case. Guess I need something more UV reflective in there. The spouse's case however is a bright blue glowing demon! Too bad it gets so little use.

I emailed VisionTek and told them the whole sordid story about my dead video card in hopes that they might give me a break and honour the warranty. No such luck. They didn't even bother to reply. They are now on my POO POO list. They could have at least offered to repair it at a reasonable cost.

Even though my computer is working just fine and my games are running extremely well, I am still miffed that I only have one video card. All I can do is wait till the dollar gains some strength and the next wave of overpriced GPU's comes out and HOPE that the 4870's drop back to a reasonable price. I really cannot blow another 400.00 on a card.

The latest disaster around here occurred on Tuesday when the spouse and I returned home from shopping and heard what sounded like hail hitting a window, although it was neither raining or hailing out. The sound was coming from the patio door. The inside pane on the fixed door was cracking into a million little pieces right before our eyes. It was extraordinary to watch even as I felt my wallet screaming in my pocket. I completely expected the pane to "blow out" at any moment so the spouse and I sealed the door up with plastic and duct tape to prevent the glass from shattering all over the dining room. Oddly enough it continued to crack into the middle of the night but the pane is still firmly in place. It looks like frosted glass now. And of course it will be about $600.00 to repair it and we have to wait 3 weeks for the glass. There is no explanation for why it happened but I searched Google and found other people have experienced the same thing. Very weird.

Another reason why there is no video card in my future.

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