Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cold Turkey

Well I had the "ULTIMATE" meltdown. Yes my Vista Ultimate 64 installation absolutely puked and I had to reinstall. There is NOTHING I hate more then that. I lost almost everything important like MY GAME SAVES. Starting from scratch AGAIN. GRRRRR!

I do know what caused this catastrophic meltdown. It was my new "FREE" Creative Zen. Every time I connected it to my computer I had trouble rebooting, and this time it was an absolute no go. Now I KNOW why they are giving them away.

Speaking of Newegg, they were quite concerned with my review on Resellerratings.com. My only beef was that they weren't located IN Canada. A customer service rep CALLED me today to assure me that they are indeed going to open a brick and mortar Canadian warehouse. These things just take time. That's GREAT! I am really glad to hear that. And they were nice enough to give me a couple of other "perks" to assure me that customer satisfaction is #1. Well, Creative Zen issues aside, I would say my view of Newegg has changed to a more positive angle. They ARE listening and THAT'S impressive.

Now it's back to re-installing EVERYTHING on my computer. I have a TON of other work to do, now all on hold of course. GRRRRRRR.

If you are in the market for a cheap (as in inexpensive) new computer or second computer for the kids, don't miss this deal at TheSource.ca:
ACER M1200-E1520B DESKTOP PC - $299.00 (249.00 after 50.00 MIR)
It's a good deal for a little powerhouse. I am not keen on the 250W power supply or the 1GB of Memory, but you can use the 50.00 rebate to upgrade both. Other than that it's a good deal. It's only available till October 22 so hurry!

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