Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Catching Up

It's been a couple of days of "reload" and I am not really happy. I am getting lots of little bugs, probably my fault for not formatting and doing a clean install, but I was trying to save some files that I could have easily saved another way. Shortcuts do NOT pay. I am going ahead anyway but I smell a "clean" install in the near future. What a PITA!

I finally got the spouse's computer reloaded too but I have a sneaky feeling that somewhere in the process I lost a whole lot of files. Hopefully I will be the only one who notices them missing. NOT BLOODY LIKELY. There will be an "I told you so!" coming.

I got one of those bargain Acer computers from The Source for a client and I like it. It is NOT a high end gaming machine, but it will do photos, videos, and daily computing just fine. Of course it came loaded with the usual "crapware" and useless "trialware" but I cleaned all that up. It is absolutely silent. Something we are not used to around here with all the massive cooling going on in these gaming machines and the media centre. I think the client will be VERY pleased. I love deals even when they are not for me.

The Creative Zen is still an issue. I haven't figured out what format I have to put the movies in to be able to watch them. I thought it was AVI or MP4 but they don't work. I will NOT plug it into my machine again so I am going to have to keep looking.

Yes the election is over and now that we are through wasting time and money I will give you my latest political rant as posted on the EVGA forum:

As a fellow Canuck I am disappointed in the election also. Right back where we started, maybe worse. Harper did a great job masking the recession we are into. Another factory closure was announced in my home town the day of the election. Dion is and always was a joke, and he really needs to step down. Heck I would have voted for Bob Rae before Dion. Looks like Justin Trudeau is our Great White Northern hope, but I doubt he can or even wants to fill daddy's shoes. And yes Canadians really did not have a "good" choice in this election. It was lose lose. Perhaps if all those "lazy" Canucks had voted we could at least have a minority NDP government just to mess things up for a bit. Jack Layton doesn't seem like a really bad guy. But can he run a country? What's Harper going to do when he can't hold Bush's hand anymore?

That's the way *I* see it anyway.

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