Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Water Water Everywhere!

So I decided to "dry test" the water cooling system. Things aren't good. I filled the lines with fluid and I had leaks pretty much everywhere the Nautilus tubing met a connector. The Primochill tubing was fine and I didn't even have any hose clamps on it! I knew I didn't like that tubing from the get go. So I drained it and ripped everything apart.

I am thinking I am going to skip the Y connectors completely and just run the Primochill tubing from the pump to the chip set, then to the CPU block and back to the reservoir. I think the Primochill tubing would have been fine with the Y connectors, but unless I want to buy another 10 feet of it I don't have any long enough pieces to do that now. I only need about 2 feet.

I started off the morning by connecting all the small wires for fans and temp monitors. That went reasonably well at least. I don't want to put the video cards in or connect any of the motherboard power connections till I am sure I am leak free.

I ordered some parts including 5/8 inch OD hose clamps for the Primochill hose so now it's just a matter of waiting for that stuff before I go any further. I could start reassembling the EVGA system into the Apevia case but I already have parts scattered from one end of the rec room to the other so I don't need anymore mess to fight through.

It's always something.

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