Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Repair Week Day Two, Phase Three

I cracked open the Apevia case and debated long and hard about changing the OCZ Vanquisher CPU cooler with the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme. I just couldn't convince myself to go through all that. So I just reversed the two rear exhaust fans and the top intake fan. I also replaced the MCP 60mm x 15mm aftermarket fan with another 60mm x 25mm 5000 RPM aftermarket fan. I set it up as pull instead of push because all the airflow is now toward the top of the case.

There is some success here but it's minimal. The MCP is now idling at 53C which is better then 65C! The CPU temps are normal and the video cards are around 50C with the fans on 75%. Not great but I did try stressing the system and the temps increases were minimal. Nothing got to 60C which I can live with.

I have officially put the system up for sale on Kijiji. I will also advertise it in a few other venues.

So basically I am DONE with the exception of modding the other 4870 video card. I did find a couple of longer CrossFire bridges on eBay and I bid on them and won. UNFORTUNATELY the seller insists that I pay DOUBLE the shipping because I ordered 2. That would mean the bridges cost me 20.00 and the shipping will cost me $44.00! That's freaking NUTS. I didn't expect that when I bid on them, but I guess that's my fault. Looks like I will have to pay that OUTRAGEOUS price for a couple of items that shouldn't have cost me anymore then 20.00 INCLUDING shipping.

Time to relax for a bit.

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