Monday, September 8, 2008

Repair Week Day One, Phase Two

Things may actually be looking up! There were some problems installing the card reader due to cable connection lengths. It took some reworking of both DVDRW's and a drive bay and fan to finally get everything to fit. It might not be the way I wanted it but it is all functional and I was able to keep the two intake fans in the front which was important.

After a couple of glitches with SATA cables that had disconnected themselves somehow, and some drive renaming I actually had EVERYTHING WORKING! I ran OCCT and Furmark simultaneously to see how much heat I could generate. It got warm after about 25 minutes but no EXTREME temperatures except for the unmodified video card which did manage to hit 80C. I do have to keep the Nautilus unit pulled out from under the desk or it gets pretty toasty.

I loaded up Crysis and forgot I had Everest running in the background. Previously when I had done this, Crysis stuttered BADLY. This time it played smooth as butter? Maybe it has something to do with not cooking both video cards at the same time. I don't really know but I LIKE it!

It's been one nightmare after another but I am really thrilled now that it's all working and working VERY WELL. I FINALLY have an AWESOME GAMING SYSTEM. I will still do the other video card mod, as soon as I can find a bridge that will work.

Tonight I am just going to enjoy my new system. Maybe I will actually finish FarCry. Tomorrow I will tune up the EVGA computer.

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