Sunday, September 28, 2008

Recovering Radeon Drivers

Last Friday I spent the few hours I had before work trying AGAIN to get these video cards working. I finally found some help on the VisionTek forums. Once again I explained the problem and instead of offering more hacks and BIOS updates I was directed to once again clean the drivers out and reinstall. But this time in a little more depth.

I followed the instructions and reinstalled the 8.9 drivers and things are looking very good now. I can only HOPE this really is the solution this time. It would be a huge relief to know it was only corrupted drivers all along and not an actual problem with the cards. For the moment I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I just played about 20 minutes of Warhead and saw one slight split second "blip" of the artifacts. But I was running the cards overclocked from 750/900 to 780/1090 at the time. Of course I have to push the envelope.

At present I have also down clocked the CPU back to stock speeds. Before I go to bed tonight I am going to bump that up again and retest. Yes I am a glutton for punishment. If I am not too frustrated I will post my results before bed. Wish me luck.


Well I over clocked the CPU back to 3.2 GHz and that seems stable again. I can run everything OK, but I can't OC the cards AND the CPU and play games. That's no biggie to me as long as I can OC the CPU I am happy.

Yes it looks like maybe the issue is finally resolved. I will think twice before I update drivers again. Now it's time for sweet sweet bed :)

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