Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Rain Has Stopped

The parts came, well not ALL the parts as it seems the shipment from Direct Canada is missing an IDE cable I ordered. I have emailed their support, just waiting to hear back. But I got the hose clamps I was so patiently waiting for.

Once I restarted the assembly I immediately ran into problems. Go figure. It seems the barbs on the the chip set water block are too close together to fit a 5/8" OD hose AND hose clamps. I didn't figure on that. Fortunately the hose is thick enough that I could trim a bit off the outside of both sides to fit the hoses and clamps on. It's probably not great for hose integrity, but it's all I can do other then ordering new 1/2" OD hose and starting from scratch. I really don't want to go there.

So I finally managed to get everything connected and filled the reservoir and fired up the pump to get the air bubbles out of the system and to check for leaks. It is running as I type and has been for the last hour. So far so good - no leaks.

Along with the UV blue hoses, I am using UV blue liquid so if I do have any leaks they will show up nice and bright on the white paper towels I have set in there temporarily. I plan on letting the pump run for a couple of hours at least. Then I will put all the rest of the parts in and connect the wiring. After that I will run the PUMP ONLY again for another hour or so to make sure I haven't jiggled anything loose. Once I am confident everything is ok, I am going to fire that puppy up!

I think I am going to head to Tim Hortons for a LARGE DOUBLE DOUBLE because I think it's going to be a LONG NIGHT!

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