Thursday, September 4, 2008

Please Mr. Purolator Man Look and See....

I am hanging out in my pyjamas again waiting for parts, that are supposedly on a truck on their way here. Not ALL the parts unfortunately, it seems the 5.25 to 3.25 bezel I need for the nGear card reader is back ordered. That's really odd because the NCIX website said they had several in different warehouses. Oh well. I am really at a standstill till I get the water hose clamps.

In the meantime I fixed a client's computer this morning. Nothing exciting there just a dead power supply. She was also having some digital camera software issues. The fact that she has software for 3 different digital cameras installed on the computer was my first clue there was a real issue. I will sort that mess out later.

I have some ideas for cooling both the Apevia case and the Lian Li case. Trying to find Lian Li case accessories is almost impossible. They advertise these great accessory fans on their website but no one seems to carry them. I am back to eBay hunting for them.

I am going to try reversing the exhaust fans in the Apevia case and change the top fan to the only exhaust fan. Maybe that way I will get enough airflow over the board to cool the chip set. If that doesn't work I am going to pull the board out AGAIN and replace the OCZ CPU cooler with the T.R.U.E. 120 and have it blow towards the top or front of the case. I really am at my wit's end with that thing.

If I get the hose clamps and get the water cooling hooked up I will run the pump overnight to get rid of the air bubbles. I still am not hooking up any power to the board, just going to use a power supply hack to get the pump working. I just want to get that damn thing back together and running again. Last night I was reduced to playing Windows Pinball for entertainment. But I did score over 10 million points! That is SERIOUS withdrawal.!

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