Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Modding Dilemma

Today is the day I am hoping to mod the other VisionTek HD 4870 with the Accelero Twin Turbo cooler. It's a sad state when I am afraid to do this. I finally have things working again and really hate the thought of screwing things up. Talk about lack of self confidence. This whole computer build and all it's associated nightmares has really shaken it. Well I guess I'll feel the fear and do it anyway.

There is some household modding happening today as well. When the spouse gets up we plan to replace the ceiling fan in the foyer with a new remote control one. Being that I am the vertically challenged one in the house and the fan is 12 feet off the floor this will be a nice upgrade for me. I will actually be able to turn the damn thing on and off now. No more unreachable pull strings.

Later on tonight I will start transferring the spouse's files from the old computer to the new one. It was used so rarely no one knows what's actually on it. But it would be my luck that the ONE file that is needed one day will be the one *I* lost in the transfer. Oh well such is my life.

Okay enough of this pity party. I have a video card to mod. There will be a full update on that with pictures on my website. Everybody cross your fingers.

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