Friday, September 5, 2008

Last Day of "Vacation"

Yes it's the last day of my so called vacation. I got nothing accomplished with the computers today, I went out and did some shopping instead. And yes I bought some more computer parts. Just small things like a couple of fans and mounting rails and power connectors. The bezel from NCIX arrived today too, but honestly I am too wore out to do anything more with these systems today. I still haven't heard from Direct Canada about my missing IDE cable. I will call them on Monday if I haven't got it by then.

I think I will just do a little clean up and organization and maybe relax tonight and catch a movie. Next week I will go back to work on fixing the cooling issues and whatnot. It wasn't until I got away from all this today that I realized how stressed I have been about it. Going back to work will be a welcome escape even if it's only for two days.

I was running the Nautilus with the fan on low today and noticed that the temps are a little higher. It's also interesting that once the temps are up turning the unit on high does not really lower them. Of course I have the case pushed farther under my desk to keep the cat from jumping on it and knocking it off so it may not be getting as much cool air. I sense a desk modification in my near future. I think I need to put a couple of fans under there for air circulation. But that's down the road a bit.

There is also the fact that I really need to get out in the yard and start the fall/winter preparations out there. There is gutter guard to install, some soffit to repair, the pond needs to be winterized and the leaves will soon be making their annual mess.

All I can think about right at this moment is a NAP.

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