Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hot Video

Well I did the video card mod and it looks disastrous. The card is now running hotter then ever some of the temps in GPU-Z pushing 130C!!! The GPU itself is not as bad but still pushing 75-80C and it did look like I got it seated properly this time. The only difference is I used the supplied thermal paste and heat sink adhesive. Looks like I am going to be redoing this card.

This should be no surprise as our ceiling fan replacement went just about as well. The spouse and I are no longer speaking to each other at the moment. We got the fan in and it IS working, but it was no piece of cake. That was the WORST fan installation design I have ever seen. How do I manage to find all these "special" items?

I think I'll wait till the spouse goes to work then I will rip apart the video card AGAIN. It looks like I should just plan to do everything TWICE. The card heat is not just a card problem but the heat it's producing is heating up the North and South bridge as well, pushing them up to 55C! This is the problem with these coolers blowing heat into the case instead of out of it. Looks like I may have a different application for the Antec Spot Cooler then planned.

I will use the MX-2 thermal paste and the Fujik thermal glue on the heat sinks and see if I can't get the heat under control. Looks like Arctic Cooling is going to get ANOTHER blast about their coolers.

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