Monday, September 8, 2008

Hell Week II

Last Friday night I thought I would try playing a game on my ASUS computer to see what the temps would be like under load. I tried loading FarCry and the computer completely crashed to a reboot. I tried again a couple of times because I had just done a Steam update and wondered if that was it. Same results. So I tried loading Crysis. Reboot AGAIN. I opened GPU-Z to look at the video card temps and the modded card was reading 115C on the MEMIO sensor. WTF!

That was the straw that broke my proverbial camel's back. I shut the computer off and went and watched Wargames II on pay-per-view. I haven't looked at the computer again till now. The modded card's temps are insane. Tomorrow I am going to tear it apart and start from scratch. If that doesn't resolve the problem I am going to put the stock cooler back on it and hope that fixes it. If not, I will try an RMA.

Perhaps I should have paid more attention to the warnings on the Arctic Cooling site. In the meantime I have done some searching and found other people with issues after modding their cards with the Twin Turbos. If I have wrecked this video card I am NOT going to be happy.

I still have numerous things to do with both computers but sorting out this video issue is priority one. What the hell good is a gaming computer that can't play games?

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