Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gaming Crysis

Things are not going well. I am having so many display problems when trying to play games they are not really even playable anymore. Finding what to blame for the problems is proving to be impossible. I am trying different settings and I have tried disabling programs but nothing seems to change. The temps are all fine, nothing is overheating. So WHAT could it be?

My next step is to try a different monitor. I don't think the monitor is the issue, but I have been wrong before. I might even try the HDMI connection. If that doesn't resolve it I will try reinstalling the drivers. After that I am at a complete loss.

There is the REMOTE possibly I messed up the card I modded, but the temps are all very good on it now so I don't really suspect that is the problem. This is VERY frustrating after all this time and money to start having issues now.

It's late and I have been at this for hours again, but tomorrow if I don't get this resolved I will be returning the monitor. I will try another one, but if that fails I will be returning it for a refund. I will of course still LOSE money AGAIN, but not all of it at least. if that is the end result, I am wondering if I shouldn't just opt for a nice 24" monitor and be happy with that. Perhaps trying to scale to these high resolutions is just not a good idea.

I STILL have not got the extended bridges for CrossFire. The seller insists he sent them EXPRESS, but the tracking number does not show them in the system. I really better not get burned for those overpriced pieces of hardware. That would just be a serious kick in the you-know-what.

We did manage to get a couple of those "household" jobs done today. A new fluorescent light in the rec room and two new light fixtures in the upper bathroom. Of course all that did was add to the "to do" list because now the bathroom has to be repainted as the lights don't fit exactly the way the old ones did. That is the thing I always hated about home repairs. It's NEVER a simple thing. Oh wait! Sounds a lot like building a HIGH END GAMING COMPUTER doesn't it?

Speaking of high end systems, if you are in the market for one and want to save yourself a LOT of headaches, check out Uberclok PC. These guys build awesome overclocked systems and back them up with a 3 YEAR warranty that INCLUDES return shipping costs. I was SUPER impressed with their warranty AND their prices. They are not outrageous like some of the "supposed" high end systems. These guys do all the over clocking for you too. If I had found them before I got into this mess I would own one of THEIR systems.

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