Friday, September 19, 2008

Game ON!

I am really lovin' this new monitor. Tiger Direct suggested I RMA it, which was about what I expected. It's a lose lose proposition to RMA it. First it will cost big bucks, secondly there is no guarantee the next one I get won't have issues too. It really isn't affecting my gaming or other computer use so I think I am just going to keep it as is. It sucks that it is somewhat defective, but it sucks more to have to spend MORE money to get a BRAND NEW item fixed. I will just never like that whole idea that the buyer has to pay return shipping.

I was having some other problems in the games, a lot of artifacting and screen slicing. I thought it was maybe the video cards over heating, or them just not scaling well to this new resolution. Then just an hour ago I got notice about new ATI drivers (8.9) so I thought I'd give that a whirl. Yippie! seems to have solved the problem! So far at least.

But once again technology disappoints me slightly. While I must admit this whole new system, kick ass computer, big screen monitor, killer video cards, makes gaming much more fun and realistic, it still does NOT make me any better at the damn games!!!

Ah well next week reality kicks back in. The spouse and I have been making a "to do" list around the house and it has gotten quite lengthy. We agreed to kick it into high gear after the weekend. Unfortunately I have to work this weekend so no rest for me. I better suck up what I can today and tomorrow.

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