Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Game Game

Today was a bit better in the gaming department. I played short bursts of FarCry and CoD4 and no spots before my eyes. Nice. I still have no idea what the problem is. has been launched and I ordered a power supply tester because I need a new one and thought it would be good to open an account. Then I read the return policy. Yeah I did that backwards unfortunately. It seems returns have to be sent to the U.S.

Once again an American company wants to pander it's offerings to a willing Canadian consumer base but they do not want to service us in our own country. Well I for one am not going to order another thing from NewEgg until they change that policy. I hope more Canadians boycott them for the same reason. If we are good enough to sell to within our own country, then we are good enough to service properly without making us jump through international shipping hoops and expense. BYE BYE BAD EGG!

I got the CrossFire bridges today finally. I can only hope they are long enough to do the job. This means I will have to figure out a time to mod the second card. It probably won't be until next week unfortunately. That long household "to do" list has been keeping me busy. Besides with all the recent video troubles I am scared to touch anything. But I will do it. Eventually.

The spouse is now keeping the EVGA computer, I just have to transfer all the stuff off the old computer to the new one. That will be a full day job. At this point I am opting not to reformat. I can just delete my stuff off it. I never got much on it as I was busy with the ASUS system.

Looks like I am keeping the monitor "as is". I just can't be bothered with the whole RMA process AGAIN. It is still under warranty and if it gets worse I can always take advantage of that.

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