Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Computers SUCK!

Since I had no parts to work with on the ASUS setup, I turned my hand to the EVGA rebuild. All I wanted to do was move the system out of my old case and back into the Apevia case. It SHOULD have been pretty straight forward. But like most of my futile attempts at computer building SHOULD is a four letter word.

I really did nothing more then change cases and reorient a couple of fans. I also put a new fan on the MCP hoping to lower the temp. However when I tried to start it back up I had video failure. It would almost boot all the way into Windows and then I would lose the video signal completely. I had to uninstall the nVidia drivers in VGA mode then reinstall them. After that it was fine, ALMOST.

The temps are ridiculous now. The MCP is 60 C and the SPP is 48 C at IDLE! The video cards are hovering between 48 to 55 C at idle even with the fans cranked to 100%! The CPU cores are 44/50 C at IDLE. Even the motherboard is hovering at 40 C.

I set up the fans so there is intake in the front, top and side, and 2 exhaust at the rear, not including the power supply. There should be AMPLE air flow in that case. I am too pissed off tonight to change it, but change it I will - AGAIN.

I am going to try using the rear fans as intake and using only the top fan as exhaust. I could pull off the MCP/SPP heat sinks and reapply some better thermal paste but I absolutely REFUSE to do that because not only is it a PITA but there is no way end users should HAVE to do this. It is insane that they run at these temps. EVGA says they are fine up to 70 C but that is a helluva lot of heat if you ask me! No wonder these boards have so many problems.

If necessary I will put the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme back on the CPU with the Panaflo fan, but I just don't understand how moving this board into a case with BETTER air management can raise the temperatures anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees Celsius!

I really want to sell this system but I can't do it with a clear conscience until I have these temps under better control. The spouse will probably think it just another excuse but you can't ask 1500.00 for a machine that is on the verge of a meltdown!

There has to be a BETTER cooling solution for these systems. It's ridiculous to imagine people spending thousands of dollars on something that is running on the brink of failure at all times. Imagine how rich the person will be who finally solves THIS mystery.

I just hope my parts come tomorrow before I start something else that will aggravate the hell out of me.

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