Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The ATI Lament

It's 4:00 a.m. and I have been TRYING to get these video cards working properly all night without much success. Seems we are back to the artifacts/lock ups/black screens. I am NOT happy.

I checked out the ATI forums to see if there were any solutions but all I found was lots and lots of people with the exact same woes. Seems the Sapphire cards suffer the worst (or have the loudest complainers) but pretty much everyone is experiencing this to some degree.

So what is the issue? No one really knows but I myself suspect heat and bad drivers. I think the heat issue is with the MEMIO although I haven't actually had any time to research exactly what that is yet. Beyond modding these cards with after market coolers I don't know how anyone will correct the heat issue. Once again it looks like water cooling may be the only solution.

So who will be held accountable for this? Probably no one. Like nVidia hiding their faulty chips, all these guys will duck the issue until someone proves them the culprit. And they still aren't likely to make good on it. Bad drivers might be fixed, but heat problems are a whole other ball game.

Might just as well say to hell with it for tonight. Good Morning! NOT!!

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