Tuesday, September 16, 2008

All Work and No Play

I have been working the midnight shift this week so computer time is at a minimum. I am just too damn tired to play anything.

There have been no bites on the sale of the EVGA system, but I think I may have the spouse talked into using it. I sweetened the deal by offering my 22" Dell monitor along with it.

Tiger Direct must have got more of the I-Inc 28" monitors because they were back on sale for $399.00 and THIS time I jumped on it. If I absolutely hate it I can always sell it and at least get most of my money back. But at that price it was definitely worth a try. Most of the reviews were pretty good so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Tomorrow I have a couple of computers to fix, but I will be off the midnight shift after tonight. I am thinking Thursday is going to be PLAY day! Hopefully on that ginormous monitor! I pre-ordered Crysis Warhead on Steam and it will be available tomorrow. WOOT - can't wait!

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