Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Woman's Prerogative

So I changed my mind again. Not about the case - I ordered that today along with the window panel. It's on it's way as I type. The change is about the whole water cooling setup. I am going to use the Nautilus 500 to cool the CPU and North Bridge but I have had a change of heart about water cooling the 4870's. Mainly because I don't think the Nautilus can handle all that heat even with an extra radiator. That's a helluva lot of heat.

When I chose to use aftermarket coolers on my 8800GTS cards I was very pleased with the Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme coolers, so I figured why not go the same route with the 4870's? I had visited this idea earlier and with the expense of this new case it's getting really hard to justify spending another 300.00 on water cooling. So I went ahead and ordered a pair of the Arctic Cooling Twin Turbo coolers. At 35.00 each it is a MUCH cheaper solution.

There are a couple of hitches in this scenario however, the first being that there are a couple of hitches with the mounting of these coolers on the 4870's as outlined on Arctic Cooling's website. It doesn't sound like a huge problem but I do not like the idea of there being issues with mounting the VR heat sinks. I am pretty sure that burning out one of those babies is going to cause problems. Perhaps I'll have to find an alternate solution to that myself.

The other issue is I cannot find a review of these coolers ANYWHERE on the web. Not even for other video cards, as it supports quite a few ATI and nVidia cards. That's seems a bit strange. Surely I am not the first guinea pig to try them am I????

Anyhow in the effort to save some money (ROFLOL) I am having everything shipped by Purolator Ground so I won't see anything till at least next Wednesday or Thursday.

The spouse has been silent. Not the dreaded "silent treatment" yet, just reserved on any further comment on these events. I think that's a good thing.

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