Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Weight of the Wait

The parts from NCIX arrived today. I wish the case could have been in the same GROUND shipment as this stuff as it got here mighty quick for ground service. The case continues to appear and disappear off the Purolator tracking page and doesn't seem to have left B.C. yet. I'll give it a day or so more and then investigate further.

The Accelero Twin Turbos are a lot smaller then they look online. They are still large but the ads made them look gigantic. They come with some pretty teeny weeny screws as well. That should be a challenge for my stodgy digits. Interestingly enough the package does not say they are for the 4850 or 4870 cards. I wonder if it's an omission or due to the fact there are some complications with the fit. All I can say is they better not leave me in a lurch once I get the stock coolers off these cards!

I have been getting a steady influx of computers to fix, so that's keeping me fairly busy. Got a motherboard with blown caps, got a very badly messed up Windows XP that I cannot repair and will require a format, and just for fun I got a supposedly dead power supply that miraculously came back to life and is working fine. I love those kind of repairs. Of course all three clients are worried about losing their files. So I say once again, (and once again I will note that I never listen to my own good advice) BACK UP YOUR DATA REGULARLY!

My most interesting clients are people who actually use their home computers for work or business, then let their kids play numerous games or cam/voice chat and download music on the same machine. How many ways can you spell DISASTER! Stop being a cheapo and buy yourself a laptop or buy a second computer and let the kids use JUST ONE of them. If you don't you'll be paying someone like me on a regular basis I promise you that. Kids are my best clients!

The kids in our house have their own computer, no administrator rights, no web cams and they are blocked from the home network. I rarely have problems with their computer. I monitor all the installs and all the downloads. All the other computers in the house are password protected INCLUDING the media centre. It's called PARENTAL CONTROL and I exercise it to the nth degree. By the way, the "kids" are 23 year old twin boys. One lives at home and one is a drop IN sort. But when it comes to computers and tools I AM GODDESS AND I WILL BE OBEYED. Well I like to think so.

I have also been working on organizing my Karaoke collection on the Media Centre. It is an incredibly large collection that has been continuously added to an never properly organized or catalogued. Now it's a nightmare. It will probably take me a couple of weeks to sort it completely. But it's great fun at parties! Maybe after that I will organize the 350 GB music collection. Then there's the movies.....

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