Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Water Cooling Cascade Effect

So I got to thinking about this whole water cooling idea and the fact that the video cards seem to be the hottest part of the system it would make sense to water cool them no? The questions that arise are is the Nautilus going to be able to handle that, and do I really want MORE hoses in this box? I was considering the Artic Cooling Accelero Twin Turbo coolers for the video cards, but I may well run into the space issue I ran into with the 8800GTS coolers. That and the fact that all those fans are going to do is blow more hot air into the case.
This isn't something that's cheap to experiment with . The VGA water blocks are 100.00 each. The Twin Turbos will probably be about 40.00 each. If I make a choice I have to stick with it. If the Nautilus can't handle the CPU, chipsets and 2 VGA coolers then what? I suppose the sensible thing is just do one thing at a time. I'll start with the CPU and chipset. Then go from there. Yes I am positive that's what I think I'll do.

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