Thursday, August 7, 2008

Warming up Your Mother - Board

I am still torturing the new board, running Prime95 right now but the CPU temps are holding pretty steady between 46-48C with the OCZ Vanquisher cooler. Maybe it wasn't that bad of a cooler after all. None of the temps look that bad with the exception of the MCP which is hovering at 62C at the moment. I have posted a long rant about this on this thread in the EVGA forums. Not that it will do any good, and I don't see any replies from any of the techs yet either. It's the old "ignore her and she'll go away". Oh no I wont!

I will be only too happy to RMA this board AGAIN if it fails due to high MCP temps. Which incidently is exactly what I think happened to my last board. Somebody needs to actually ADDRESS this problem and quit expecting consumers to foot the bill for repairs or modifications to a system that obviously does NOT WORK.

nVidia get your **** together!

I am not going to "mod" this chipset cooling, but I am going to replace the crappy chipset fan with a Sunon KDE-1207PHV1
. I may work a mod of the existing fan in too for a push/pull setup. Even though I would RMA the board AGAIN, I would like to actually USE it for a while. Tomorrow I am going to put it in it's coffin - oops I mean case.
On the upside of another nightmare in my ever so dull existence, I now have half of a new roof. The roofers FINALLY arrived this morning. They should have the job done tomorrow.

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