Wednesday, August 6, 2008

War Is Hell

I just finished playing COD4 for the second time. Man I love that game. I cried at the end. I am sure gonna miss those guys. Checked the temps again after playing, and they weren't really that bad. Hit 53C on the Northbridge. Still it's like sitting next to a blast furnace. I imagine some heavy Crysis playing will probably warm things up a little more.
I have been searching for info on adding the VGA blocks to the Nautilus but I haven't found very much that seems relevant. Most set-ups have only been with one card and the biggest was an older 7950GT. It wouldn't come close in matching the heat on these Radeons. The most impressive thing is that everyone who uses it seems to really like it. I just like the idea that it's all self contained in one nice neat little box.
The spouse doesn't know anything about my water cooling plans yet. The credit card bills haven't come in. Things should really heat up then.

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