Sunday, August 3, 2008

This Blog Has Been Moved

Hello World!
This is my first post on Blogger, and once I get the technicalities ironed out all should be well. Much has already happened and if you want to catch up you'll need to read my blogs from April 2008 till now on my home page at .
Basically I love computer games and in order to play some of the great ones out there you need an awesome computer. I have been trying to build one, but it isn't easy. Follow along with my triumphs and caveats. It's incredibly entertaining and you might just learn something. I learn something new every day and am only too happy to share these experiences with others. Because we all know that anybody who spends this much time alone with their computer has no real life.
I also review hardware and software from a layperson's perspective. No quantum numbers, no undecipherable technobabble, no pushing the envelope (well not too far anyway), and absolutely no bull. This is real world every day usage from a struggling wannabe geek.

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