Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Small Sigh of Relief

Things seem to be relatively stable for the moment. I have both systems working without errors or glitches, just some heat issues. I re-installed one of my DVDRW drives in the ASUS system today. I also installed a nGear 3.5" Internal Flash Reader with USB and eSATA. Everything seems to be working despite a molex connector on the nGear box that fell apart.
The EVGA system has some serious heat issues and I need to work on a fan system for the case but I am doubting that will happen until next week sometime. I would also like to get the water cooling set up on this ASUS board, but the thoughts of ripping it all apart AGAIN do not appeal to me right now. Once I get the EVGA system stable I may be more inclined to do it.
Tomorrow I am going to set up my sister's new system. That should prove interesting I am sure. I have no idea what her case looks like or whether it will fit my old ASUS K8V-SE Deluxe motherboard.
In the mean time things around the house are falling apart and the little jobs I have been putting off are piling up. The spouse is not impressed. Next week will be better. I just keep saying that every week now.
On the technology front the ATI 4870x2's are out but hard to find. Another 500.00 video solution I wouldn't pay for. I am very happy with my straight 4870's, with the exception of the heat. I can't even imagine what kind of heat the X2's produce. But the benchmark numbers are rattling some nerves over at nVidia. The GTX 280's are taking a kicking!
nVidia has also released it's PhysX Experience Pack for GeForce 8 and up cards. It includes PhysX drivers, demos and a free game - Warmonger, which looks like it would work for the Unreal Tournament crowd. I gave it a try but am not "thrilled" about it. PhysX does lend some interesting graphic capabilities to video.

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