Monday, August 18, 2008

Making My Case

The deeper I get into this water cooling expedition, the deeper I get into a lot of things. The computer case for instance was not designed for mammoth video cards, or snaking water cooling assemblies. The case that would suit these things would be -well, MAMMOTH. I found an interesting site called Mountain Mods that builds just such cases. Of course they come with equally MAMMOTH price tags. And of course they are not in Canada.

So I was thinking maybe I could just take an old two drawer file cabinet and with a few modifications accomplish the same thing at yard sale prices. But fitting it under my desk might be another issue. So I started combing the Internet in search of the perfect case, which of course I didn't think existed till I tried the Lian Li site.

The Lian Li PC-A77B case is everything I was imagining the perfect water cooling/mammoth video card case should be. First of all - it is MAMMOTH.
Just look at the space inside this case! Plenty of room on both the top and bottom of the case for power supplies, reservoirs, pumps, radiators and anything else you can think of.

The Motherboard sits in the MIDDLE of the case meaning there is room below the motherboard to fit those HUGE aftermarket video card coolers. And there is plenty of room on the right side of the motherboard for those long ass video cards! The drives won't be hanging right over the power and SATA connectors either. Nothing but tons of breathing room for cables and hoses.

That opens up the interior cooling options. There is no where in this case you can't add a fan. Front, top, bottom, back, side there is an option for single or multiple fans at every angle. The power supply cage at the top even extends out the back for those super long 1200W nuclear power supplies.

The case comes apart in every way imaginable so there will never be a reason to disassemble things to get at something. The list of special features is LONG, including anti-vibration mounts, special graphic card mounts, and even built in eSATA.

Granted the case is not "pretty". It tall, black and maybe even a little bland. But what it lacks in bling it more then makes up for in unique offerings.

Am I going to get this case? Well it still has a fairly MAMMOTH price tag of about $300.00. That of course is a minor hurdle compared to finding a retailer for this case in CANADA!

I swear I am going to open a computer store and sell everything that seems impossible to find in Canada. I am sure I would make a killing. The really sad part is even Canadian retailers who carry Lian Li cases do not have, and will not order this one for me. WTF is that??? It's really hard to support Canadian retailers when you have to deal with this. It looks like I'm headed to EBay.

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