Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Rest My Case

Well I was up until the wee hours of the morning scouring the Internet for a retailer in Canada that might have the Lian Li case. If you dig deep enough and long enough you WILL be rewarded. I actually found TWO retailers with TWO very different prices, a difference of $111.00 no less. ACP Canada has the case for $268.00 which is the lower of the two and unlike the other retailer they actually have it IN STOCK, and also have the optional side window panel.

That's just great! However I was breaking this earth shattering news to the spouse today and the shattering was the windows from the resulting piercing scream when I mentioned the price. I was mentioning the HIGHER price of course so when I dropped the 268.00 figure it sounded like a SUPER DEAL. Well it did to me.

I wouldn't exactly say I have the nod of approval to go ahead and buy this case. That IS a good price for this case compared to other retailers, and the shipping is reasonable. I may forfeit the side window panel because if I include it, with tax and shipping I will be pushing 350.00. That amount makes me want to scream. It's a CASE for heaven's sake. It doesn't even include a crappy 450W power supply.

I just bought a case for my sister that cost 35.00 and INCLUDED a 650W power supply. Just because the case was only made of heavy duty tin foil doesn't matter, the power supply is guaranteed to run a Pentium 3.

If I were to get this case there would be the added dilemma of having to move my ASUS system out of the Apevia case into the Lian Li case, and move the EVGA system into the Apevia case. Then I would be forced to find something to fill my old full tower case. Or I could just take it out to the garage and practice case modding.

Add to this I may still need to spend an additional 300.00 on water cooling - well lets just say things could get ugly around this house pretty quickly.

I am just going to sleep on it tonight. Want, need and divorce are three very different things. But they all cost a lot of money!

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