Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Plead My Case

I promise to stop with the corny CASE titles very soon. Anyhow I ran my brilliant idea past the spouse, who of course thought it much less than brilliant.
"You spent all summer building that computer and now you want to sell it?"
Perhaps I failed to mention I actually built two computers, but I was sure this was apparent. Then of course the next line was:

"You won't be happy till you get the damn case so just get it and get it over with."

So I am going to get it and I am going to sell my EVGA rig. I will be ordering it tomorrow along with the window panel. Of course I can't put the EVGA rig up for sale until I get the case and do all the the transfers. Hopefully I will get it by next week because I will be on vacation after that for a week and well we know what I'll be doing.

Then the week after that will be the water cooling. I still have to break that one to the spouse as well. One step at a time.

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