Monday, August 11, 2008

Dark Cloud PLEASE Move On

Another day of frustration and anguish. Once the heat sink was installed I tried firing up the EVGA computer. First of all in my haste, I hadn't connected the IDE cable for the DVDRW drives. Then I had the freaking floppy cable backwards. So once I get that all sorted and recheck ALL my connections AGAIN, I plug it in and VOILA I have a GREEN screen. Everything is green and stays green all the way into Windows and it stays green there too. So I tried the other DVI port, and the POST is white but it won't boot to Windows. Right before it starts I lose the video signal completely. Ok take one card out - the other works fine on both DVI ports. Try the other card, now I get PINK instead of green. Maybe I am just losing my mind. So I try the other DVI port on the same card and it works fine. WTF??? Ok pop the other card back in, now they are in reverse slots from when I started, keep the DVI connector on the port that worked and the cards boot like normal. Obviously the video card is a little wonky. I am going to stress it a bit and see what happens.
My sister's computer is not going well either. The more stuff I clean off it the worse it gets. It's needs a fresh install of Windows, which means I need to buy a floppy drive. GRRRRRR. I'll just pick that up when I go to exchange the tube of Thermal Glue tomorrow. I could pull the floppy out of the EVGA machine but after all this I am afraid to touch ANYTHING on that computer.
Just for a change I think I'll rent movies and have a TV night.

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