Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Christmas in August

All the computer parts I have been waiting for arrived today. The E8500 CPU, the Corsair Nautilus Water Cooling Kit and the BRAND NEW IN SHRINK WRAP EVGA 780i SLI Motherboard. Imagine that, they actually sent me a NEW one. That'a how it SHOULD have been in the first place. If they want to sell their refurbished boards as B Stock that's fine, but don't pawn them off on customers who paid for a NEW WORKING motherboard.
I would be less disgruntled if I had plugged this NEW motherboard in and it had actually WORKED like it was supposed to. But of course that was not to be, I got the lovely INSTANT FF right off the bat. It took a few minutes and deep breaths to keep from hurling that thing across the room. So of course I start with the whole troubleshooting step by step AGAIN. This really SHOULDN'T happen. However eventually I actually get the thing to POST successfully. Do I have any faith that this board won't crap out on me like the last TWO? Absolutely not.
I am currently installing things on it even though it is still not in a case and just hanging all over my test bench. I am going to torture the hell out of it for a couple of days before I put it in a case, and then I am going to torture it some more. Just like it has done to me.
I have put the new E 8500 CPU in it. I might just leave it there as late last night I got brave and decided to overclock the ASUS board. I have the Q6700 CPU running very stable at 3.2GHz at the moment. For the hell of it I overclocked the 4870's as well and then ran 3DMark. I got a freaking whopping 18275 ( I have down clocked the cards since because I just can't take all that heat wafting out from under my desk!

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