Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bored and Blogging

So here I am at 2 in the afternoon hanging out in my pyjamas still, working on other people's computers (and they are not co-operating) waiting patiently for the Purolator knock on the door (the case is supposedly on a delivery truck as I type) and basically bored out of my skull. This is NOT the way one should spend their vacation.

The spouse is working the midnight shift so I have to be quiet through the day. Although there are numerous verbal barbs around this house about how much time I spend on the computer, it IS the QUIETEST activity I can do.

While I wait for files to transfer and updates to download and install on client computers, I use the time to catch up on current events. The world is just a plain scary place isn't it? I don't know when exactly the next U.S. presidential election is, but I certainly hope it happens soon before Bush manages to start World War III. Between Russia, China, and Korea, I don't know who that man is trying to aggravate more. You would think from the perspective of most of the world that he has already gone too far in the Middle East, he would have learned to keep his fingers OUT of the cookie jar. Yet he seems determined to stir the bee's hive as long as he still holds office. He really needs to try to consider WORLD PEACE instead of WORLD DOMINATION. I don't care much for Obama or McCain, but ANYBODY has to be better then him! That is my political rant for this month. Now for a lighter look at politics check out Pete and Petunia. VERY FUNNY!

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