Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Best Case Scenario

IT'S HERE! The Lian Li PC-A77B arrived today and OMFG it is HUGE! It is also beautiful with the side window. I couldn't believe the size of the carton. The Purolator guy was NOT impressed either, but at least it didn't weigh a ton. ACP also included the full blank side panel with the shipment. I can see why the ground shipping was 40.00!

The unfortunate part of this is I will have to wait till next week to do the assembly. We are having company this weekend and it will take me more then a couple of days to transfer cases and set up the water cooling and replace the stock coolers on the video cards. But the advantage to that is the spouse may be out of town next week so I can make all the mess I want!

I thought the spouse would be a little more impressed when the actual case got here. But I got the usual grunt. Ah well I don't get excited about the latest "Cold Case" on tv either so I guess we're even.

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